HAS Forex Robot Review

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HAS Forex Robot

HAS Forex Robotis an automated trading software that identifies profitable trends by using multiple timeframes simultaneously. As per the vendor, the system has generated $64,388 in the previous 30 days and $58,363 in March 2022. 

Don Steinitz is the developer of this FX EA and founder of the Forex Robot Trader firm. He and his team of programmers skilled in the MQL code have created this FX EA and other products of the company. Odin, Vader, and Pterodactyl are some of the other products created by the firm. We could not find info on the founding year, expertise, and experience of the team members, location address, phone number, and other company details. The absence of info shows a lack of vendor transparency. 

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HAS Forex Robot overview 

Some of the important features of this FX robot that the vendor focuses on are:

  • The installation and use are simple and quick.
  • It can work on an unlimited number of currency pairs simultaneously.
  • The FX robot executes all your trade settings without manual intervention.
  • It works on currency pairs, stocks, and commodities.
  • The ATS can work on all timeframes at the same time.


You can buy this FX EA for $49. The original price of the product was $199 but the vendor has given a 75% discount on the price reducing the amount to $49. We could not find further info on the features available with the package. There is no mention of a money-back guarantee which raises doubts about the dependability of the product. When compared to the average price of similar products in the market, we find the price of this FX EA is affordable. 

How it works

As per the vendor, the system works by identifying the profitable trend using the HAS (HeikinAshi Smoothed) indicator. It can work on multiple currency pairs and does not need manual intervention for executing the trades. Once you pay for the software, install it, and choose your settings, the robot takes over the trading. It executes your trade settings automatically.

Trading strategy

As per the developer, the FX robot uses the HAS indicator to find the direction of the trend and volatility changes. This FX EA spots factors like the strength or weakening of a price movement, the volatility of the market, and the change in market sentiment to find profitable trades and execute them. 

Trading results

Performance reports for every month are posted on the official site. Here is the report for March 2022.

Performance report of HAS Forex Robot on the official site.

From the above stats, we can see the robot has generated a net profit of 58,362 for a total of 397 trades. The maximum drawdown is 0% as the profitability is 100%. While the account growth looks phenomenal, it is not verified by a trusted third-party site like Myfxbook, FXBlue, etc. We prefer the results to be verified by such sites as they provide useful information like the lot size, balance, drawdown, and more. While the performance report shows some of the factors, there is a high chance of the stats being manipulated.  Further, the vendor does not provide backtesting reports for the system. The lack of verified real trading results and backtests prevents us from evaluating the FX EA properly.

 Customer reviews

User reviews for the Forex Robot Trader company on the Forex Peace Army site.

Unfortunately, we cannot find user reviews for this FX EA on reputed review sites like Forexpeacearmy, Trustpilot, etc. However, we found 271 reviews for the Forex Robot Trader company on the Forex Peace Army site. A rating of 2.251/5 is present. The recent reviews for the company’s products are not good with the users complaining about the poor performance.

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