BotCrypto Review: What You Need to Know

by Forex EA Top Team
BotCrypto Review: What You Need to Know

BotCrypto is a platform that allows us to create and use various crypto bots. We can work with the following crypto assets: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), etc. So, let’s take a closer look at it.

What is BotCrypto?

We have designed a table to gather the most important information. 

Price:9,99€, 29.99€, 59.99€
Payment Options:Any
Supported Exchanges :Kraken and Binance
Cloud Based:It’s available for Cloud

Is it easy to use BotCrypto?

We don’t know for sure. The deves claimed that the service is easy to use.

Features of BotCrypto

The devs provide some explanations about how everything works. However, there are not so many details explained about what we have to expect from this platform. We don’t know why the developers decided to limit everything this way.

Experience-free trading

  • The systems allow us to work with the orders completely automatically.
  • We may not know how to code trading solutions to get started.
  • Trading with them allows putting emotion aside.
  • The bots will work 24/7 for us on our exchange.

Proper testing

  • It’s possible to save time, using those solutions.
  • So, we will have feedback from strategies without risks.
  • We can get our strategies tested in several clicks.
  • Developers provide us with data for over 3 years for simulations.

Useful features

  • We can take advantage of the market.
  • There are features to design our own strategies.
  • The platform allows users to demotest solutions they design.
  • There’s a visual editor feature that lets us work without coding and other skills.


We have several packages on the board. Let’s talk about them. We have a free package that is available for everyone. Traders can expect to get: bots safely with simulations, no bot on the markets trading, unlimited strategies, unlimited imported strategies, unlimited simulations in the past (backtests) up to 1440 candles, unlimited real time simulations, notifications on Discord, Slack, etc., full access to the API. The Bronze pack is available for 12.49€ (monthly payment option) or 119.88€ annually (9.99€/month). The package includes 2 bots on the markets, unlimited simulations in the past (backtests) up to 5760 candles, full access to the API. The Silver pack is available for 37.49€ (monthly payment option) or 359.88€ annually (29.99€/month). There are five bots on the markets, unlimited simulations in the past (backtests) up to 7920 candles. The Gold pack costs 74.99€ ( 59.99€ monthly payment option) or 719.88€ annually (59.99€/month) and includes 20 bots on the markets, unlimited simulations in the past (backtests) up to 10080 candles. There is no refund policy applied.

Strengths and weaknesses of BotCrypto

Various bots available to use and customizeNo risk advice given
No money-management available 
No backtest reports provided
No trading results available to check
No people’s testimonials available

Is BotCrypto good?

We can’t claim this for sure. It’s hard to predict.

Is BotCrypto safe?

The robot will work through API keys. This doesn’t save us from potential losses with working on the market.

Customer support

The developers provide average support via email. So, if we have questions we can ask them.


We have team developers and management revealed. There’s Constantin De La Roche, Théo Poizat, and Mehdi Boussaad with their LinkedIn links. So, it’s a con that we know who is behind this service. The social network links allow us to write them directly if we have questions.

Bottom line

The developers have designed a platform that allows us to design our own trading solutions or trade the ones the company offers. Their presentation lacks info about the features of the trading solutions and trading strategies they implement to generate profits. We have neither a refund policy nor people’s testimonials. So, risks of using this solution are high.

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