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OHLSEN TRADING offers its service through Telegram and automated copiers. After analyzing the claims made on the website, we can determine the actual output of the system. The signals present a lot of danger to any portfolio that chooses to follow them. 

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OHLSEN TRADING has the following features:

  • It offers a 99 win rate on trades
  • A 30 day free trial for those who want to try out their service
  • It does not require any effort from your side
  • Verified results are available on Myfxbook to track the performance
  • The OHLSEN TRADING handles risk management. The package that offers the most growth would also take more risk on the account, resulting in more growth. 


The signals are available through a subscription service. There is a free package that offers access to a Telegram account. You have to copy the trades from there manually.

The package offering 4% gain a month is available for 60 Euros. 13% monthly gain is priced at 65 Euros. It is strange to see such a small difference in cost for three times the output. There are no refunds available if you choose to cancel the subscription.


How it works

After paying for the subscription, you have to send your account information to the providers. They will then download the respective MT4 platform on their VPS and place a copy trading robot to mimic the trades from the parent platform.

Trading Strategy

The developer doesn’t share an ounce of the trading strategy that he uses, which raises many concerns over the authenticity of the system. On searching the records on Myfxbook, we were able to predict a few points. Nonetheless, the robot trades on EURUSD and has an average trade duration of 1 day, which shows a day trading approach. The developer also hides the history over there, so we cannot see if each trade comes with a stop loss, take profit, and measure other important factors.

Trading Results

Verified trading results are available on Myfxbook from March 5, 2021, till the current date. The results are terrible, with the robot giving a monthly gain of -0.93% and a drawdown of 30.44%. The provider has increased the risk from May, resulting in a considerable loss of 30% on a single day. This means your account can suffer a huge drawdown which can cause a margin call at any given trading day.

The average winning trade was 10.20 pips, while the loss was 141.20 pips. The best trade was 13 pips while the worst was -293.3 pips. 

OHLSEN TRADING Trading Results

From the image, you can see that the balance, equity, deposit, withdrawals are hidden, which raises many concerns over the authenticity of the system.

Other essential factors to know about the system are as follows:

  • Profit factor and winning ratio. The profit factor stands at 0.69 with a winning percentage of 95%. 
  • Trades. The robot made 38 trades over the duration. This shows that it is not trading aggressively but chooses to enter the market when necessary.

Hidden trading history is a red flag for this system. It means that the developer is trying to hide some statistics from us that may be detrimental to his portfolio. For example he might be using an account with a super low value to mitigate the risk he is taking while taking money from the subscribers to scam and build his cash. 

Customer Reviews

The two reviews on TrustPilot give the robot a rating of 3.8. Both the reviews were made on the same day, January 25 2021, which means the developer may have bought them or written himself. It also shows that the system was operative before the live results were made available. The previous records were likely wiped out as they may have resulted in a drawdown.

OHLSEN TRADING Customer Reviews
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