SirFX Review

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What are SirFX’s Indicators up to?

SirFX Indicators

Hi there! Today’s review will be about SirFX. As we can see, it’s an indicator providing company. Let’s start the review from the analysis of their “About company.” 

SirFX product package

This product package includes Indicators for MT4. 

SirFX Indicators for MT5

In order to get even info about Indicators for MT5, we have to contact them. So, it’s an example of bad marketing positioning. 

SIRFX’s products

SIRFX’s products

King Trandix was designed for aggressive and fast traders. It provides over X5 more indications for the market trends, which might be extremely helpful when trading at M15 – H1 on turbulent markets, such as USD/GBP during Brexit time.

SirFX chart
  • There are two arrows on the chart (blue – Buy, red – Sell).
  • Indicator notifies signals via alerts, push notifications, and email.
  • It works on MT4.
  • No repainting nor recalculating.
SIRFX’s products

This is a brand-new indicator, based on the successful “My Holy Grail,” designed for MT5. It’s made professionally to predict future trends by using overbought and oversold volumes. 

SIRFX’s products

“The Exit Indicator is made to recognize the exit point of your trading. When the blue arrow appears, exit your current sell trade. When a red arrow appears, exit your current buy trade.” 

SIRFX’s products

“The indicator Future Volume is a unique, professional financial instrument based on total candle volumes, which is able to predict further price changes. It reveals “oversold” and “overbought” points with colors by using candles volume.”

SirFX chart

All lines are shown when a new candle is open, never winking or vanishing in the current candle. These lines appear at the beginning of the current candle.

SIRFX’s products

The indicator Peak and Valley is based on the movement of candles, which is able to predict further price changes.

SirFX chart

“As shown in screenshots, to remove false signals, please draw a horizontal line on the square to enter a reverse trade.”

SIRFX’s products

Trendix is a great feature to predict retracements and reversals. Signals are highly accurate when trend trading.

SirFX chart

Social Network Profiles

SirFX Social Network Profiles

A FB page has got 435 likes and 438 followers. The last post was written several months ago. As we can see, the devs answer users’ questions in the comment. 

SirFX Social Network Profiles

A Youtube profile has 440 subscribers and several about one-years-old videos. The first video has been uploaded four years ago and has got 16k views.


Every Indicator can be bought apart from others.

  • Exit Indicator costs $80 with $20 OFF
  • My Holy Grail costs $150 with no OFF
  • Future Volume costs $200
  • King Trendix costs $250
  • Peak and Valley version 4.1 costs $150 (haven’t posted on the main page)
  • Trendix 4.1 costs $80 (haven’t posted on the main page)
SirFX Pricing

Three packages were introduced there. The first package is Future Volume 5 for MT5. It costs $180. It’s a preorder option which’s very strange to see on services like this, just because we don’t know estimate nor required time to make this package done. For $240, we’ll get a Rookie Trader package with $60 OFF. It includes Exit Indicator ($79), Trendix ($79), My Holy Grail 4/5 ($149), and includes limited-one-year support. A “Pro Trader” package sells with $120 OFF and costs $340. Paying the price, we’ll get Exit Indicator ($79),  Trendix ($79), Peak & Valley ($149), My Holy Grail 4/5 ($149), and two-year support.

SirFX money back

The devs provide a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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