NapBots Review: What You Need to Know

by Forex EA Top Team
NapBots Review: What You Need to Know

NapBot invites you to capitalize on the crypto markets without involving emotions by using its trading tools. The platform also permits you to copy the proven strategies of experienced traders so as to improve your success rate in the market. NapBots updates some of its strategies quarterly and continues to introduce new strategies to users to keep abreast of the newest trends in the market. An AI system is even integrated to increase the accuracy of the algorithm over time. 

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What is NapBots?

According to the vendor, the platform enables traders to formulate different trading strategies using its tools and makes them available in a unique marketplace. Its packages provide access to bundles of roughly sophisticated strategies. You can select your preferred strategy or develop your own mix within your package. It is also possible to rebalance your portfolio in a few seconds for free on your cell phone. 

Price:€16/month, €41/month, or €83/month
Payment Options:Credit cards
Supported Exchanges:Bitfinex, Binance, Kraken, FTX, Okex, Huobi
Cloud Based:N/A
Strategies:Trend following, mean-reversion, and uncorrelated strategies 

Is it easy to use NapBots?

NapBots has focused on its user experience design to make your onboarding journey very simple. You can even begin trading by utilizing the service in 3 simple steps. First, link your trading account to the platform using your API key. Secondly, choose your preferred exchange or develop your own combination of strategies. Lastly, select a suitable pricing plan. The vendor will suggest the plan that best suits you, and you can tweak the amount you want to trade at this stage or later after you have started. 

Features of NapBots

We have summarized below the features of the bot:

User-friendly dashboard

With this dashboard, you can track your portfolio, access the best performing systems and top traders, as well as read the most recent crypto news. 

Performance simulator

This feature allows you to test the platform’s bots and indexes to see how they perform in a practice environment. 

24/7 trading

You don’t have to remain in front of your computer placing and monitoring trades as the bot will do all the hard work on your behalf. 

Trading indexes

It trades using top crypto market indices, saving you time and minimizing risks. 

Strengths and weaknesses of NapBots

Easy to use Few exchanges are supported
Fair pricing and a free trial is present
Includes a performance simulator
Good customer rating on Trustpilot

Is NapBots good?

NapBots can be a good choice for traders who want to enjoy the benefits of automatic trading. It simply lets you choose the algorithms you want and relax as the bots trade on your behalf. Notably, the strategies have been created with all investment levels and styles in mind.  

Is NapBots safe?

In a general sense, NapBots is safe. This is because its trading bots are designed to only implement orders, and not withdraw coins from your exchange. As a result, the vendor or third parties will be unable to access and steal your funds.

Customer support

You can find answers to some of your questions in the knowledge base section. In case you don’t locate the answer you are looking for, the advice is to open a ticket in its chat section. The team is available 24/7 and normally answers inquiries within 1 hour. Detailed tutorials and crypto education guides are also offered to help you navigate the bots easily. 


A group of data scientists affiliated with Coinshares International Limited introduced NapBots to the market in 2020. These professionals are claimed to be experienced quant traders who previously managed several billion Euros worth of assets under management at tier one financial groups.

The platform has a good reputation so far. As you can see in the screenshot below, the bot has a 4/5 rating based on 186 reviews. Clearly, traders love the platform, probably because it has simplified and enhanced their trading experiences.  

Rating of NapBots on Trustpilot.
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